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Lower Back Pain could be More Serious than You Think!

Dr. Jeff I have had this Lower Back Pain for years and every time I go to the Doctor I get Pain Pills but even Those Don’t Work Anymore. Why do I continue to Have this Lower Back Pain?


Do You have Low Back Pain? Numbness, Tingling, Burning Pain Shooting down into your Legs? Leg Weakness and a Weak Bladder?

Your Problem in your Lower Back Could Be More Serious than You Thought! Read on.......

80% of People in the United States will have some

sort of Low Back Pain at some point in their life. But then there are the People Who Experience More.. Like the Symptoms above. You know who you are, maybe you Started out with Minor Low Back pain but then it just kept getting worse and now you are Hopeless!

You have seen Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, maybe gone to Massage Therapists, taken Supplements but Nothing is Working and you still have NO Answers!

If this is you, Then you must continue to Read on as I want to help you understand why you are having these problems and help you understand what you need to do to find out if you can actually be helped.

When the Symptoms above Strike and Alter your life, Knowing what is causing the Low Back Pain, Leg Pain, Numbness, Burning is Key to a Full Recovery.

There are 2 Main Areas of the Low Back that can cause these

types of Symptoms so it is Crucial to find out if it is One or the other or Both before it becomes too LATE! The 1st Structure in the Lower Back that can Cause these Irreversible Symptoms is the Nerve that comes out between the bones of the Low Back on either side. These tiny soft nerves carry Life through them, and that life is what keeps the back muscles, hips, leg muscles, and ALL the ORGANS in your lower Body Cavity including the Bladder working and ALIVE! When a Low Back Bone goes out of Alignment the bones can pinch the nerves decreasing the Nerve Flow causing the Nerve to start to DIE and when left long enough the Nerve will have Permanent Damage without recovery.

The 2nd type of Structural challenge that can occur is that the Balloon between the Bones called the Disc can bulge like a balloon and then Pop Like a balloon called a Disc Bulge or Disc Herniation. When this happens the pain and nerve damage can come from the Disc Itself and then the disc is putting pressure on the nerve just like the bone in the above case.

Sometimes the bone and the Disc are sitting on the Nerve in which case the Severity is Even Greater!!

A Study was performed at University of Colorado showed

the Weight of a Quarter will cause a Decrease in Nerve Flow by 60% Damaging the Nerve and the Tissues the Nerve goes to Leading to PERMANAT NERVE AND TISSUE DAMAGE!!

Dr. Jeff how do we know which is the Cause of the Problem is what many People ask me and my Reply is you need to get to a Spinal Specialist who Specializes in these types of Cases.

X-Rays Should be taken of the Entire Spine Identifying Where the Spine is out of Balance above and Below the Problem area of the Spine and then an MRI should be ordered, which is the “GOLD Standard”, and read to identify if there is a Disc Herniation or Bulge.

Once the Problem or Problems are Identified then and only then can that Spinal Specialist Lay out a Program that Can Contain and Stabilize the PROBLEMS.

Then and only then can you choose how to handle the Problem. Being a Chiropractor and Natural Spine Specialist we help via Non-Drug and Non- Surgical Solutions.

To find out more about how

we help go to

or our

Legacy Chiropractic LLC/ Northeast Indiana Disc Center 260-768-4712

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