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Ask Dr. Jeff the Spine Doctor

Ask Dr. Jeff the Spine Doctor: I have been seeing Chiropractors for years now and my lower back still hurts why can’t my lower back be fixed I just want answers as I can never seem to get them. I hear this all the time and I have an answer that will solve your Inquiring mind! I want to start by asking the Audience a Question, “If you step on a Dog’s Tale where does the dog bark from the Tale or the Mouth? Of course, the Mouth but where is the Problem at the Tale or the Mouth? So just because your Pain is Barking from 1 place doesn’t mean the Problem is there it only means it is Barking from that area. Many Of my patients over the Years have had similar challenges and finally get an answer when they come to us. One of my Certifications is in Spinal Biomechanical Engineering and one of the Main facts that we learned is that the Head weighs 10 pounds when it correctly sits over the shoulders and hips or its proper center of gravity. A 43-45Degree banana shaped curve puts the head there. When the head sits over the shoulders and hips the gravity pulls the head down and locks the spinal joints in place from the top of your neck to the bottom of your spine. It also allows the hips to sit in proper alignment. When a person loses a curve in the neck from years of looking down in school or looking at their phone or even hours a day on a computer positioned improperly they start to lose the curve and that puts your head in front of your shoulders and your hips. Another interesting fact we learned was that for every inch your head comes forward of your shoulders or your hips your head now weighs an additional 10 pounds! This means that a person whose head comes forward 1 ich of their shoulders or hips would have a head that weighs 20 pounds! Now most people who have back, or hip pain constantly look at the lower back and hip as the source of the problem, but I say it could be the neck read on! The Head now comes forward and instead of locking your spine in place your head comes forward and gravity grabs hold and pulls your spine down towards the ground and unlocks the spine rotating it from Neck to Lower Back and Hips! Your Entire Spine Now Twists from Neck to Lower back and that starts to Damage Nerves, Muscles, Ligaments, and finally Discs, all which can cause pain in your lower back and Hips! So when you have Chronic Lower Back Pain that can’t be resolved and that Drive you Crazy because nobody can tell you why it still hurts I say Look to X-Rays of your Spine Especially of your NECK because Remember the Bark and the Problem source might not be the Same Place! Dr. Garofalo is a Natural Spine Specialist with Degrees in Chiropractic, Spinal Biomechanical Engineering, MRI analysis, and is Nationally Certified in Non-

  1. Surgical Spinal Decompression. He owns Legacy Chiropractic LLc and Northeast Indiana Disc Center located in Shipshewana across from Northern Nutrition. For questions or more information about Neck, Back and Disc problems call us at 260-768-4712 or head to our sites at,,

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