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Is it Too Late For Your Spine?

What kind of Question is that! What phase am I what do you mean?

Well I mean what phase are you of Spinal Damage?

Just like teeth Breaking down the spine Breaks down as well.

No you Can’t Tell what Phase you are in just by feeling and that is why X-Rays are so Important. Not only do they tell me where you are out of Alignment and How Far Forward your head is but it also tells me at what level of spinal decay you are at.

There are 3 Levels of Spinal Decay that your Spine can be in so let’s talk about what they are, how you can feel, and what you can and can’t do in the different phases.

3 Phases of Spinal Decay

Degeneration Phase 1

Within the First Stageof Spinal Degeneration, the person does not generally feel much pain. If you have the condition treated at this point, the process can often be undone. You want to receive chiropractic care right away before the stages of the condition become impossible to undo. During this stage, the Spinal Curvature and Spine Balance is reduced from Normal. In addition, the Discs, Joints and Nerves experience Stress and Age Faster than normal. This Stage has been in progress from 1 year to about 9 Years and with the

Degeneration Phase 2

By the Second Stageof Spinal Degeneration, you are likely to experience Pain, Aches, Stress and Fatigue. Nonetheless, there is still the chance to improve the condition within this stage with chiropractic care, and this is the last stage when real improvement is possible. Therefore, it’s important to receive chiropractic care right away. This stage is characterized by the Discs Narrowing, the Bones Deforming(Arthritis),Ligament and Muscle remodeling and Posture Degenerating.

Degeneration Phase 3

If you’ve reached the Third Stage of Spinal Degeneration, it means that the condition is irreversible. Most of the damage that has occurred during the other stages is now permanent. You have irreparable Nerve Damage, Scar Tissue and Deformation. Discs are Gone and the Arthritis at this point causes your Spine to Fuse on its own. At this point, we can offer pain management and treatments to increase your comfort levels. If you have not yet reached this point, be sure to start treatment right away to prevent the condition’s effects from continuing.


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